Detector Drive System

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Triumph Mechanical Solutions has manufactured over 100 Detector Drive Systems for PWR (pressure water reactor) and BWR (boiling water reactor) nuclear power stations worldwide and is committed to supporting the industry through innovative new system designs, retro-fit kits, spare parts, and on-going technical assistance.​

Detector Drive System (DDS) ​

  • Configurable redundancy
  • Reduced detector change-out time ​
  • Fewer components ​
  • High cable drive efficiencies ​
  • Reduced radiation exposure ​
  • Accurate detector position feedback ​
  • Flexible installation arrangement ​
  • Constant torque on detector drive cable ​

Magnetic Ball Check Valve and Leak Detection System​

Triumph Mechanical Solutions also offers Mag-Iso valves which can be incorporated as an after-market addition to some DDS configurations or included as an à la carte offering for some DDS configurations of utilities considering a new installation(s).​

Magnetic Ball Check Valve:​

  • Prevents reactor coolant water, flowing into a compromised thimble, from entering the Detector Drive System
  • Reduces personnel radiation exposure​
  • Prevents loss of reactor coolant after a thimble failure​
  • Prevents costly clean-up​
  • Sized to fit any system​
  • All valves pre-tested and certified​
  • Stainless ball and body prevents corrosion​
  • No servicing or calibration required​

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Our Detector Drive Systems can ​be found in Nuclear Power Plants throughout the world​

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