Latches and Keepers

Triumph Mechanical Solutions manufactures latching devices for numerous industries and applications across the commercial, military, and industrial space. Our latches and keepers keep doors, cowls, and access panels closed and secured. We also manufacture latch mating keepers. Below is a sampling of our capabilities of which we are not limited. Should you have a specific need other than what is listed, please contact us.

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Hook Latch

  • Temperatures up to 550°F​
  • Ultimate Loads up to 13,000 pounds​
  • Adjustable hook to control preload​
  • Over-center locking​
  • Safety locking mechanism ​
    • Manual or tool release​

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Pressure Relief Latch​

  • Temperatures up to 550°F​
  • Release loads up to 300 pounds​
  • Release factory set (100% tested)​

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Pin Latch​

  • Temperatures up to 185°F​
  • Ultimate Load up to 4,000 pounds double shear​

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Push Button Latch​

  • Temperatures up to 185°F​
  • Ultimate Loads up to 500 pounds​
  • Environmentally Sealed​

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Access Port​

  • Temperatures up to 450°F​
  • Vibration resistant​
  • Designed to hold pressure differential acting to open door​

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Specialty Latches ​

  • Designed to Spec based on your requirements​
  • Contact us to discuss your specific needs​
  • Examples include:​
    • Missile Canister Latch​

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  • Temperatures up to 300°F​
  • Ultimate Loads up to 17,000 pounds​
  • Adjustable to control preload​

Triumph Mechanical Solutions

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Looking for a company you can feel good latching onto?
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  • Doors​
  • Radar dome (Radomes)​
  • Nacelle​
  • Thrust reverser​
  • Fan cowl​
  • Anywhere you require a latch​

Markets Supported

Commercial Aerospace
Aircraft Carrier
commuter train
Transportation & Utility