Electric Actuation

electric actuator

Triumph Mechanical Solutions provides full system capability as well as individual controllers or actuators for diverse applications ranging from defense related UAVs to commercial landing gear, flight control, and utility applications. We continue to invest in technology development activities primarily focused on enhanced performance, reliability, and packaging of electro-mechanical actuators for safety critical applications, and on multi-application electronic controllers aligned to our technology road-map.​

  • Hardware design to DO-254 level A​
  • Full design, manufacture & test for complete electro-mechanical systems ​
  • Niche & bespoke electro-mechanical actuation ​
  • Linear and rotary applications​
  • Encompasses enclosure design for electronic hardware and electro-magnetic actuation design​

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Electronic Controllers

Triumph Mechanical Solutions offers a full design capability for electronic hardware through circuit simulation to PCB design, with expertise in controller design incorporating FPGAs & Microprocessors and Power Drive and Motor Control.  We design control & communication software and provide support software requirements.​

  • Software design to DO-178 level A​
  • Verification achieved via software module verification, target integration and overall system verification​
  • Controllers:​
    • Single, Dual or Multi-channel​
    • 28V to 270V​
  • SM Circuit Board Production:​
    • 0201 passives capability, QFPs, and µBGAs​
    • Print via DEK260​
    • Placement by My-DATA MY11/MY12​
    • Reflow using Heller 1707EXL ovens​

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  • Secondary flight controls​
  • Flap actuation systems​
  • Utility actuation, e.g. UAV throttle control​
  • Non-aerospace applications,  e.g. radio mast raising/lowering ​
  • Associated electronic controllers

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