When you hear Triumph Mechanical Solutions, you immediately think of all the products we manufacture for aerospace and defense markets, right? Well did you know that we also have over 40 years of safety and reliability on the railways with our ball bearing control cables. That’s right, precision and high-tolerance engineered products used in the aerospace industry have long since transferred over to trains. In fact, Triumph products can be found on trains all over the world. But it’s not all ball bearings at Triumph Mechanical Solutions, we also manufacture sliding friction controls, control boxes, wire rope cable assemblies and derailment detectors.

The core applications we support are the control of mechanical bogies, braking systems, and more specifically the release and unlocking of valves operated by wheels or handles. For example, on international subways, we are proud to provide the brake release and air isolation function with controls and dedicated boxes including our proven ball bearing controls at the center of what we do. What sets Triumph Mechanical Solutions apart from our competitors is our ability to tailor command mechanisms and control boxes to each application, allowing our customers to get complete and fully adapted functional, safe and reliable solutions to meet their individual needs.

“Diversity in our product, market and customer portfolio is a key part of our growth and resilience strategy which is especially important during the current Covid-19 crisis.  The train industry is a high priority market focus for growth and provides Triumph Mechanical Solutions with an adjacent market where factors such as safety, reliability and affordability are valued just as much as they are in our core aerospace market.  I am excited about the potential to grow our train business further and to make sure we capitalize on this, we will be deploying additional business development resources to focus on this market.” Ian Reason, President – Triumph Mechanical Solutions.

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