Triumph Mechanical Solutions is a leading provider of Remote Mechanical Valve Actuator (RMVA) Systems used in the Naval, Nuclear, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industries. The purpose of a mechanical Remote Valve Operation (RVO) system is to provide a means of valve operation without the requirement of having a person physically located at the valve. While there are many reasons this may be necessary, the most common is safety. A mechanical Remote Valve Operator system allows the remote valve operator to safely operate a valve located in a hazardous or hard-to–reach location. ​

Remote Mechanical Valve Actuators (RMVA) can be applied to a broad range of quarter or multi-turn applications. Remote Vent Valve Operators (RVVO) are designed specifically for quarter-turn ventilation applications. Remote Trip Valve Actuators (RTVA) are designed specifically for fast acting linear motion valves. ​

A major advantage of Triumph Mechanical Solutions Remote Valve Actuator (RVO) systems is the ability to combine components from the various general product families in order to satisfy unique valve control applications.


  • Rigid Connector​
  • 4” Cable gears​
  • Torque produced at the remote​
  • Bronze bearings ​
  • Cable connected in a loop​
  • Operates in a tension-tension mode​

Continuous Loop ​

  • Ball Coupler replaces rigid connector​
  • 6” Cable gears replace 4” gears​
  • Torque is produced at the valve ​
  • Significant reduction in cable loads​
  • Roller bearings replace bronze bearings​

Environmental Qualification​

  • Shock – MIL-S-901D ​
  • Vibration – MIL-STD-167 ​
  • Flame – API 607 ​
  • Submergibility – MIL-STD-408E​

Quality Certification​

  • Triumph Controls quality system approval to AS/EN9100:2009 rev C

Product Certifications​

  • Lloyds Register of Shipping (Certificate No. 01/00159) ​
  • Germanischer Lloyd (Certificate No. 047 053–03 HH) ​
  • American Bureau of Shipping Type Approval (Certificate No. 00-PA19270-X) ​
  • MoD Defense Standard 02-361 (NES 361) ​
  • Naval Sea Systems Command (SER 56Y23/512 & 521, SER56Y11/070) ​
  • Allowance Parts List NATO Support (612960009 & 612960002) ​

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Hazardous or hard to reach areas in the following industries:​

  • Naval​
  • Nuclear​
  • Petrochemical ​
  • Oil and gas​

Markets Supported

Industrial & Power Generation
Aircraft Carrier