hydraulic actuation

Triumph Mechanical Solutions is a world leader in aerospace and defense actuation solutions with a vast portfolio of products on the most technologically advanced platforms.  Our core competencies are hydraulic actuation systems including landing gear, door actuation, valves and manifolds, locking mechanisms (e.g. Uplocks), nose-wheel steering and other utility actuation devices.  We offer an unrivaled depth of knowledge with skills gained through success over our 80+ year history. We deliver actuation systems, uplocks, manifolds, actuators and valves on both military and civil programs.​

  • Complete landing gear extension-retraction systems with embedded and ​hosted control and monitoring​
  • Designed first commercial 5,000 psi landing gear system​
  • Compact, fault-tolerant hydraulic systems for aerospace​
  • High-reliability and low leakage valve technology for marine​
  • High Intellectual property content​

Triumph Mechanical Solutions

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  • Landing gear extension and retraction systems​
  • Uplocks, Gears and Doors​
  • Hydraulic system health monitoring  ​
  • Nose wheel steering systems​
  • Secondary flight controls ​
  • Utility actuation​
  • Marine applications: valves, manifolds, packaged hydraulics, actuators and remote operations ​

Markets Supported

Commercial Aerospace
Aircraft Carrier