cable controls

Triumph Mechanical Solutions specializes in cable controls which are mechanical connections between controls and actuation systems used in a variety of applications. Our systems provide higher reliability, lighter weight, and greater control box selection. Current controls include wire rope, push-pull controls, sliding friction controls, ball-bearing controls and low-resistance and backlash mechanical control system cables. 

Whether designed to spec or build to print, let our team help with your specific needs and customize a solution for you.

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​Wire Rope Controls

Triumph Mechanical Solutions Wire Rope is used in applications where weight is critical, and the system operates in tension only.  Assemblies are built to your required standards with unlimited configuration capabilities. ​

  • Various lengths and diameters supported
  • Most common (but not limited to):
    • Up to 200 foot lengths
    • 0.075 to 0.25 inch diameters
  • Wire Rope is available coated and uncoated​

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Sliding Friction Controls

  • High load capacity in tension and compression​
  • Flexible in any direction​
  • Wide temperature range​
  • Easy installation​
  • No adjustment or lubrication needed during the life​ of the control

    • Helical Core
      • High & low load push-pull & pull only​ controls
      • Wrapped wheel engagement​
      • Straight wheel engagement​
      • Gearbox applications
      • Stainless & carbon steel
      • Common diameters .118 (3.0 mm) to .250 (6.4 mm)
      • Quick disconnects available
      • Micro-adjust available
    • Casing/Conduit
      • Standard or custom ends​
      • Stainless steel components​
      • Options​
        • Flexible: offers easy installation​
        • Rigid: where efficient performance or unsupportable bends are required​

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Ball Bearing Controls

Triumph Mechanical Solutions Ball Bearing controls are a self-contained system that performs linear motion under tension or compression loads.​

  • Precise and accurate movement​
  • High load capacity​
  • Weight savings​
  • Low friction and high efficiency​
  • Up to 720 degrees F applications with alternative materials​
  • Quick disconnect ends available​

Triumph Controls

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  • Engine control​
  • Gear emergency release
  • Park brake handles and cable controls
  • Potable and wastewater system controls​
  • Throttle controls
  • Thrust reverser​
  • Turbine case cooling system​
  • Turn to lock and detent controls available​
  • Vent
  • Window and door latches​
  • Railway:​
    • Brake release system
    • Parking brake​
    • Suspension isolation ​

Markets Supported

Commercial Aerospace
Aircraft Carrier
commuter train
Transportation & Utility
Industrial & Power Generation