Military land vehicles have come a long way since their first introduction. Originating as trucks, it was quickly realized that these vehicles needed to encompass a design that would meet much higher standards.  It would be critical for the new design to be able to navigate challenging terrains, withstand the elements and provide protection from potential enemy attacks.

Today, as military land vehicle platforms continue to evolve and adapt, so do the benefits of using trusted products from manufactures in adjacent markets such as aerospace. For example, a major emphasis for military land vehicles is to be lightweight and have fire retardant parts. Both characteristics transfer over nicely from the aerospace industry in which Triumph Mechanical Solutions is a trusted and reliable industry leader.

Triumph Mechanical Solutions product lines and capabilities have evolved over the last 75 years and we are extremely honored to be a trusted provider on many military land vehicle platforms. Our core product offerings originating with our engineering expertise in aerospace include: cable controls, latches, hold open rods and struts, and hydraulic actuation products. Given our extensive experience in aerospace, and being used to working with stringent requirements, our team is well equipped to support both current and future military land vehicle platforms.  From design to specifications to build to print, we work with each customer based on their unique requirements.  

“As we identify and pursue adjacent markets for our products and services, the military land vehicles sector is a high priority for Triumph Mechanical Solutions.  Without pro-actively addressing this sector, we already have some great examples of successful products in tanks and artillery equipment, which gives us confidence that we can provide quality and value-add products at the right price for this market.  I am excited to engage with the key military land vehicle OEMs to make them aware of our capabilities, as I am convinced this will lead to new and exciting growth opportunities for Triumph Mechanical Solutions,” Ian Reason, President- Triumph Mechanical Solutions.

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