Offshore Rig

Triumph Mechanical Solutions is excited to share that a new Remote Valve Operator (RVO) solution to serve the Ship Building, Industrial, Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Petrochemical markets is in final stage of development and will be available by the end of 2020. This new RVO is an expansion of the current Remote Mechanical Valve Actuator (RMVA) systems that Triumph Mechanical Solutions currently offers, which are used extensively by Navies throughout the world on their warships and submarines. With the primary goal of safety, both of our solutions provide access to valves in hazardous or hard to reach areas.

The new RVO solution builds on the highly successful and proven RMVA military design and optimizes it for the requirements of commercial and industrial applications, whilst adding enhanced indications and operational ergonomics. It can also be integrated with the current RMVA range which is a huge benefit; and is an ideal solution for future Naval platforms, Commercial platforms or in Nuclear, Petrochemical or Oil and Gas applications. The new RVO will be fully qualified and will meet all environmental requirements with Lloyds Register approval.

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